A complete ceramic system designed to provide an esthetic, metal free solution.

Zirconium is the ideal choice for dental applications.

We also offer high end dental implants.


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Next to diamond, zirconium oxide (zirconia) is the strongest material known to man. Its applications include space shuttle parts, replacement hip joints, and other industrial and medical uses. Until recently, zirconia had not received a lot of attention in the dental industry because of the high costs. Modern studies and manufacturing processes have resulted in zirconia restorations that match the specifications and prices of traditional dental restorations. As a metal-free restoration, zirconia offers many benefits over traditional titanium, gold, and ceramic restorations.

Modern studies have proven zirconia’s strength and biocompatibility. Whether used for implant abutments, LAVA, or Procera crowns, zirconia offers function, esthetics, longevity, and periodontal health. Unlike titanium abutments or metal-based crowns, zirconia dental restorations will not leave the black line about which patients often complain. Studies show that zirconia interacts with hard- and soft-tissues favorably, and healthy tissue has even been shown to grow along the restoration, making zirconia an ideal material for anterior restorations.

At Ceramior, our technicians are familiar and experienced with zirconia. We have fully integrated the latest zirconia systems, including CAD/CAM methods for milling. With zirconia, we can create highly esthetic and functional implant abutments, crowns, and bridges. Designed under the supervision of our experts with special care given to your requests and specifications, our zirconia restorations will exceed your – and your patients’ – expectations.